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  • Bộ đề thi chọn HSG 10

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    Ngày gửi: 13h:20' 17-04-2009
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    đáp án và biểu điểm đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 10

    I. Give the correct form of the words in brackets ( 1.5 points )
    1. unreliability 2. foretell 3. connected 4. classifying 5.encouragement
    6. unexpectedly 7. overpopulated 8. impatience 9. application 10. complaints

    II. Fill each gap with a suitable word. ( 1.5 points)
    1. best/closed 2. other 3. since 4. with 5. clothes 6. what 7. good
    8. both 9. spend 10. worries

    III. Complete each sentence with one suitable word. ( 1 point)
    1. off 2. at 3. in 4. out of 5. under 6. by 7. in / on 8. on
    9. to 10. for

    IV. Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences. ( 1 point)
    1. shy 2. locking 3. a little 4. are they 5. in case 6. which he
    7. running 8. than 9. accurate 10. whoever

    V. Rewrite these sentences without changing the meaning. ( 2 points)
    1. It is the first time I have visited Ha Long bay
    2. I haven’t spoken to Mary since I sold her my own bike
    3. I’d sooner he hadn’t said all those embrassing things about me
    4. Hardly had I arrived when the phone rang
    5. Supposing you won the football pools, what would you do?
    6. Under no circumstances am I to be disturbed
    7. He is not used to driving on the left
    8. Over a hundred people applied for the job
    9. The other students have more money than Jond does
    10. But for Pauline’s interest , the project would have been abandoned

    VI. Use the cues to make complete sentences ( 1 point)
    1. It was difficult for me to eat Western food when I was in England
    2. He used to play football for a famous team, but he is too old to play now
    3. The noise and the traffic prevented me from going to sleep
    4. It was until yesterday that the police caught a local bank robber
    5. His talk is so interesting that we have listened for hours

    VII. Writing: Depending on students’ writing ( 2 points)

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